Night Time Activity

Young cats are very active and can be an annoyance to their owners at times.  These youngsters tend to be more active during evening hours, frequently disturbing the sleep of their human companion.  Cats are crepuscular, or more active at dawn and dusk, by nature as they have adapted to hunting in darkness.  Although, if a cat is content with the attention and exercise it experiences before its owners bed time, chances are good that its schedule will gradually match that of the pet owner’s.  To help facilitate this, a young cat who tends to nap during the day should be woken up by the pet owner if possible.

Though cats have the ability to entertain themselves without a playmate, they thrive on additional social interaction with their owner.  To help ensure a good night’s sleep, a pet owner should play appropriate games with their companion and engage it in other activities, such as brushing, before retiring for the night.  A variety of appropriate toys should also be made available.  Once the pet owner is in bed, consistently ignoring their cat’s attempts to get attention for play is recommended.

Damage Control During Play Time

A pet owner should “cat proof” their home by preventing access to valuable or hazardous objects that may be appealing to their cat.  Screens should be applied to all windows to prevent against accidental falls or escapes.  It is natural for a cat to investigate elevated surfaces such as table tops.  With this in mind, the pet owner should be prepared for damage of valuables during their furry friend’s play time mischief.  If a cat consistently damages objects in certain areas, it may be necessary to close off that particular vicinity.  If a cat is destructive with its claws, a veterinarian should be consulted on how to properly address this situation.

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