Too commonly seen in people, there are also an increasingly amount of overweight pets in today’s society.  True, obesity can be the result of a metabolic disorder, but is frequently the product of excessive caloric intake and not enough exercise.  Likewise, weight loss can be the result of an intentional weight loss program or a disease process.

Obesity in Pets

It is no secret that obesity is in direct relation to a myriad of health problems in humans; the same can be said for pets.  An overweight pet is in jeopardy for diabetes, heart and respiratory problems and numerous joint, ligament and tendon disorders.  In fact, obese felines often develop skin diseases from being incapable to properly groom themselves.  In essence, obese pets play against shorter and more uncomfortable lives, just as obese people.

Fortunately, it is not a grueling task to get weight off of pets.  After all, they are not capable of visiting the local fast food drive through.  Unlike humans, they rely on the pet owner to feed them and are solely dependent on that selected diet.  While many humans prefer a sedentary life style and groan at the idea of exercise, our pets crave this!  Pets enjoy exercise even more so when the owner is exercising alongside them.  If a pet is construed to be overweight, a visit to the veterinarian will put this question to rest.  Also,  before beginning any pet weight loss program, a visit to the veterinarian is indicated to ensure there are no preexisting health problems and for a customized food and exercise regimen.

Weight Loss

Weight loss in pets can transpire intentionally while on a weight loss program or as a result of a disease process.  Should a pet owner observe acute or extreme weight loss in a pet, an immediate visit to the veterinarian is warranted.  This is especially important if the weight loss is accompanied by other clinical signs such as lethargy, vomiting and/or diarrhea or anorexia.  Such signs are often associated to cancer, liver or kidney disease or disorders of the stomach and intestines.

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